Compliance Program FCC S.A.

Fostering of ethics and citizenship by the continuous promotion of social development and preservation of human and corporation values is a strategic goal of Fábrica Carioca de Catalisadores S.A., as expressed in its vision of future and at the onboard map of the company.

By daily adopting lawful, clear, honest, responsible and sustainable behaviors and practices, FCC S.A. strengthens its image and reaffirms its impartial and respectful relationship model with the various kinds of interested parties (work force, suppliers, customers, partners, shareholders, government and community), spreading its Way of Being Responsible for the Common Being to the whole business chain and society so as to help building a more democratic, fair and balanced country.

In order to guide such relationship model – and go in line with the national and foreign anticorruption legislation as well as with the guidelines of its shareholders Albemarle Corporation and Petrobras S.A.  – FCC S.A. has developed a full Compliance Program, which encompasses documents such as the Code of Conduct, Anticorruption Policies, Commercial, of Business Trips and on Conflicts of Interests, training internal and external teams in these contents in order to secure that anyone working in the name of the organization know the correct position to adopt in the defense of the interests of the company and, of course, of those of the society.

However, we know that “we do not have virtues before they are put into practice”.  It is daily attitudes that build the reputation of a corporation and, therefore, we should also regulate, monitor and treat positions which do not fit the values which ground the FCC S.A. business model.  

To this end, together with the Compliance Program, we created an independent, impartial and confidential Complaint Channel, open to all the public of interest of the organization, in order that anyone feeling affected by possible irregularities by the Fábrica Carioca de Catalisadores S.A. could manifest itself. Know more at the side menu Complaint Channel and help us build an ever more credible and humane organization.

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