Management & Control


Have access to reliable data, save time and quicken your internal procedures with the e-CRM. Information such as technical reports, data on loading and follow-up of the level can be accessed by our customers at any time and from anywhere in the world through a direct channel - the Customer Relationship Management – that provides reliability and agility in the access.

With the e-CRM, FCC S.A. developed one more innovative solution, capable of making it even closer to customers.

Centralized in a single database, the e-CRM is customized pursuant to the reality of each refinery. Because of this advantage, when implanting the e-CRM in the refinery, Fábrica Carioca de Catalisadores S.A. goes to the customer to submit the functionality of this solution, surveying the needs pointed out by professionals directly linked with the databank’s information.

By means of the e-CRM, the customer of the registered refinery enters the corporate system of FCC S.A. via the Internet to obtain the desired information, and just by entering his login and password, he can access all information, updated everyday. With the e-CRM, refineries save time and quicken their internal procedures.

If you wish to know the e-CRM system, contact the marketing coordination at FCC S.A. through e-mail fccsa@fccsa.com.br

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