Technology & Production

Technological Plant of Santa Cruz

PTSC is a pioneer initiative of the technological plant fostered by the private initiative. With Fábrica Carioca de Catalisadores S.A as the anchor company, it counts with the technological excellence of its partners, CENPES/Petrobras and UFRJ, besides the business focus of Firjan System and Sebrae/RJ. The PTSC is being implanted in the Industrial District of Santa Cruz, in the West Zone of the City of Rio de Janeiro, in a land owned by FCC S.A.

Plant’s implantation Project

When totally installed, the Technological Plant of Santa Cruz shall be comprised of an hub of partner companies, incubator of technological basis companies, a catalyst R&D prototype unit (PROCAT), directed to research the production of adsorbers, heterogeneous catalyst and their respective intermediaries for the fine chemical industry, support services and a social incubator. The PROCAT was opened in November 2012. 

Its mission is to promote the strengthening of the fine chemical sector, focused on the oil, petrochemical and natural gas productive chains, through the implementation of a scenario   favorable to the technological innovation and stimulation to the formation of local productive arrangements and new spin-offs companies.

The enterprise aims at stimulating the regional economy, through the generation of jobs to qualified workers and the inclusion of local community, by the implantation of a social incubator, where there shall be developed industrial waste recycling activities, among others.

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