Management & Control


Reduce your stocks with safety and stock management costs. Total Catalyst Management, or TCM, is a unique innovative solution that allows the monitoring of virgin catalyst silos and of real time balance, avoids high stock levels because it provides their automatic reposition and, as a consequence, reduces labor, and optimizes handling.

Logistic operations optimized through real time customer’s inventory control. Total Catalyst Management – TCM –, a remote web system which can be accessed all over the world makes this process viable, integrating the logistic chain to the commercial and industrial processes of Fábrica Carioca de Catalisadores S.A.

TCM is a technological operation provided exclusively by FCC S.A. in the market of petroleum cracking catalysts, which allows the exchange of information between the refineries – customer and the factory, solving problems such as high inventory levels at the manufacturer as well as in the market; high distribution costs and manpower costs. This is a unique automatic catalysts make-up service, performed in Brazil and being implanted abroad, considered as a benchmark among experts in the area of logistics. The program is a source of a high level of satisfaction among customers.

The remote control of the client’s catalyst silos is performed by installing radar equipment tools in the refineries, which provide information on the levels of fresh and equilibrium catalyst. Through the internet, the customer sends the required information on products demand and consumption, making it possible to control the supply, avoiding excess or lack of catalysts and additives. Specific software was developed in order to obtain the best performance of the system, which supplies each refiner based on his monthly consumption, resulting in the programmed supply of fresh catalyst or the withdrawal of equilibrium catalyst in a reverse logistics operation. With the aid of the TCM program, Fábrica Carioca de Catalisadores is in advance of its customers’ needs, integrating directly to their productive process.

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