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Innovation is the key-word to win in a global market, and each more competitive, where hard research work and development of new products and delivery of differentiated solutions are a guarantee of permanence and leadership. It’s the search for excellence in the development and launching of new products that made us create ProFIT, the new FCC S.A. Program of Technological Innovation. ProFIT has been elaborated in partnership with the Centro de Pesquisa da Petrobras (Cenpes), which, in 2006, implanted a catalysts area of FCC, the Stage-GateTM, a methodology worldly known by its excellence in the process of Innovation Management.

 ProFIT is based on Stage-GateTM methodology for the Development of New Products.

Created in the mid of the 1980 decade by Robert Cooper, Stage-GateTM is an Innovation Management System which aims to accelerate the launching of new products, technologies and/or services, taking into account the balance between the immediate needs/demands of the market and long-term strategic planning of a company. Since then, it has been richly improved and currently it’s been used by companies of the most diverse areas of the market.

Stage-GateTM came to foster the increase of the speed in the launching of new products, reducing time-to-market, i.e., the time spent since the initial idea up to delivery to costumer. Besides this, this methodology enables the maximum optimization of the costs involved in technological innovation – expressively improving the profitability level of the company. Stage-GateTM is preceded of an stage of discovery (idea) and proposes the adoption of a management model with other five pre-defined stages: (1) scope definition; (2) business evaluation; (3) product development; (4) test and validation and (5) launching. This division in five stages applied to the projects of major complexity. There is yet the system of only two or three stages (Stage-Gate Express and Stage-Gate Lite, respectively), models used in projects of minor size.

In the end of each of these stages, we have “gates” (portals or decision moments), which contemplate the critical analysis of a project in management level, impairing the continuity of “poor” ideas which may show themselves as non-feasible after the beginning of the development process of the product, and sift – or yet, putting into a funnel – the ideas bank of the company. The final result shall be hurl ideas, fully applicable, transformed in products, services or leading edge technology at a competitive and challenging value, able to surpass the most daring offers of the competition.

FCC S.A. is based on the Stage-GateTM methodology to develop ProFIT, which shall be adopted in projects of reformulations, biddings and launchings of new catalysts and additives.

ProFIT is a Macro, Integrated and Multidisciplinary Program.

FCC S.A. Program of Technological Innovation is integrated to an innovation program of the Centro de Pesquisa da Petrobras [CENPES – Petrobras Research Center] to transform results of researches in new profitable researches. Other source of ideas for the innovation project of FCC S.A. come from the debates carried out in the technological meetings with Albemarle Corporation (Technology Team Meeting -TTM), from relationship with costumers (Voice of Client), from proposals of labor in companies and other opportunities.

The responsible team of the FCC S.A. Program of Technological Innovation has a multidisciplinary character. Leading this new Innovation Management System of the company, we have the Commercial Coordinator César Fraga (Marketing Management) and Sidney Martins, Technology Coordinator of FCC S.A. (Technology Management). In partnership with Cenpes, together with Engineers Oscar Chamberlaim (Cenpes/FCC/TFCC Technology) and Flávio Gomes (Technological Strategy), which implanted the Stage-GateTM methodology in the development processes of catalysts technology of FCC in the Centro de Pesquisa da Petrobras.

The generation of quality information in the stages of the management process enables assured decisions to be taken in the gates. To obtain this data, it’s necessary the involvement in several areas of FCC S.A., such as Operation, Management, Laboratory, Process, Project, Logistics, Sales, Development of Products and Marketing.

ProFIT shall not replace the existing processes as the use of the methodology of the Project Management Institute (PMI) in the projects area, otherwise, it integrates and complements them, in a way to reach its major aim: speed up launching of new and promissory products and improves the competitive advantage of FCC S.A. in the market.

ProFIT: speedy, flexible and efficient process for development of new products.

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