Awards and Certifications

The search for excellence is a daily practice at Fábrica Carioca de Catalisadores S.A. and an integral part of its “Way of Being”, which is conveyed towards all the organization sectors. The awards, acknowledgements and certifications acquired by FCC S.A. across its history result from this common effort and are a truthful image of the company’s pattern of action in processes such as People Management, Logistics, Social Environmental Responsibility, Communication, Quality, Safety, Environment and Health, among others. Check it!

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Best 2012 supplier in the segment of critical products




 Award "Knowing the industry 2011"


Aberje 2006 Finalist - Bulletin Board category





 Distinction Award Finalist - Best Human Capital Management and Business for Sustainability in Brazil – 2008






FINEP Award for technological innovation 2003




 Day C - Zero Carbon – 2016




Safety Awards:



APBA 1995  (Reduced number of accidents):  Medal of Merit





ABPA 1999 (Frequency Rate):  Card






 ABPA  2000 (Frequency Rate):  Card






ABPA  2001 (Frequency Rate):  Card







 ABPA  2002 (Frequency Rate):  Card




 ABPA  2003 (Frequency Rate): Certificate




 Quality Program PQ Rio - 2000





 Quality Program PQ Rio - 2001





 Quality Program PQ Rio - 2002





 Logistics Award ABML - 2001






Fábrica Carioca de Catalisadores wins the 21 th place among the best companies to work in Rio de Janeiro in research conducted by Great Place to Work Institute.

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