Aditivos de FCC

Reduction of emissions, profitability increase and adaptation of UFCC products quality. The additives of Fábrica Carioca de Catalisadores S.A. and Albemarle Catalysts are the right solution for refiners.

Such ZSM-5 Olefins & Octane Maximizer (Z.O.O.M.) was designed to offer to the refiners maximum production of light olefins and octane rating, providing minimum cracking activity dilution.

The latest generation of the RESOLVE family is the 950 line, which is widely applicable both in terms of feed quality, be them paraffinic or aromatic, and as relates the boiling range of the target products, effectively working in the removal of and gasoline boiling range sulfur compounds and also LCO.

Thanks to its differentiated support, it has an extra functionality of SOX abatement in the regenerator and can be successfully used in applications where conventional additives for sulfur oxides abatement show low efficiency, as in partial combustion operations.

The INOVA MAX MD line is a technological extension of the additive family INOVA MAX based on a higher mesoporosity, chemically stabilized new zeolite, with premium alumina grades and high accessibility aiming at maximizing bottoms conversion. 

As a result of this combination a robust additive was developed which generates considerable middle distillate production increments while at the same time improving other parameters selectivity, with emphasis on bottoms product reduction.

In addition to these, Fábrica Carioca de Catalisadores S.A. offers a wide range of additives, such as SKY, Inova Zircon, SOxMaster, SOxDown, KDSOx, KDNOx, Resolve, Eliminox, KOC 18.

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