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FCC S.A. stimulates sustainable actions by converting insdustrial wastes into raw materials


To stimulate social environmental actions is one of FCC S.A. strategic goals. Thus, since 2020 the company adopts the best practices for the final management of its industrial wastes. 

In the last three years, wastes classed according to the NBR 10.004 norm as non-inert were deposited in sanitary landfills resulting in an average annual destination of 2,900 tons. 
As from January 2021, the company adopted an alternative of the reuse technology, and the wastes designed to be directed to the sanitary landfill were inserted as raw material of the production process of LIME and bricks of two civil construction domain partner companies. As a result of this new project implementation, in 2021, FCC S.A. obtained 79% of the accumulated production directed towards more sustainable processes.
By this kind of initiative FCC S.A. strengthens its commitment as an institutional partner for the environment by proposing innovating solutions through green strategies which contribute with the development of society. Besides, the company cooperates with the SDG: Goal 9 – industry, innovation and infrastructure and Goal 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production as set forth by the UN. 

Fábrica Carioca de Catalisadores S.A. is an international technology company that produces and provides solutions in catalysts and additives for the oil refinning industry.

As a joint venture, FCC S.A. joins the tradition and know-how of two world giants of the oil and petrochemical areas – Petrobras and Albemarle Corporation.

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