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FCC S.A. wins three categories of the “Ethics in Business” prize!


 On December 9, 2015  Fábrica Carioca de Catalisadores participated in the ceremony of the delivery of the sixth edition of the Ethics in Business Prize, an initiative of the Brazilian Institute of Businesses Ethics. Besides the prize, the event honored the “Most Ethical Companies in Brazil” which had marks at the Ethical Management Indicators of this institution.

The “Ethics in Business” Prize was launched in 2010 and aims at highlighting, acknowledging, promoting and spreading the “Best practices” of the Business Responsible Action. Besides, it is an example and motivation for further companies in the country to follow these virtuous and winning steps of the finalist companies which lead their businesses in an ethical, socially responsible and ecologically correct way. And, in this way, they are naturally treading the path of the true Sustainable Development.

This edition prize was shared in six categories and FCC S.A. enrolled projects in all of them.

We were finalists for the categories:
- Communication and transparency
- Ethics and Compliance
- Sustainability

We won in three categories:
- Environment
- Social Responsibility
- Corporate Volunteering

Through the winner projects,  Fábrica Carioca de Catalisadores  benefitted, just in 2015, more than 6 thousand children, adolescents and teenagers of the neighborhood,  enrolled in public schools, by involving  the work force of the company, teachers, family members and all those who, in direct or indirect form, are reached by our Social Environmental Responsibility actions.

FCC S.A. considers that in order for a company to develop the whole of the society should grow in a sustainable and balanced way, with quality of life and dignity. 

We are proud of this acknowledgement and once more we reaffirm our involvement with ethics and our Way of Being Responsible for the Common Being.

Click here  to read in its entirety the special edition of the prize in the “Ethics in Business” magazine.

Fábrica Carioca de Catalisadores S.A. is an international technology company that produces and provides solutions in catalysts and additives for the oil refinning industry.

As a joint venture, FCC S.A. joins the tradition and know-how of two world giants of the oil and petrochemical areas – Petrobras and Albemarle Corporation.

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