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Inside the Environment almanac Project: positive social return


It is with great pleasure that Fábrica Carioca de Catalisadores S.A. acknowledges the social return of the Inside the Environment almanac Project, a social cultural initiative sponsored by the company with funds from the Rouanet Law.

After careful evaluation of the Project Final Report, the company had the evidence that in 2008 a huge progress was made in the right application of resources supplied by Incentive Laws, through efforts towards the application of these valuables in actions directly linked to the communities in its neighborhood.
From results mensuration it could be seen that local social groups were actually benefited and that the company helped to arouse a new environmental conscience among more than nine thousand children and teen-agers from 3rd to 7th grade of the municipal network of Fundamental Schools of Itaguaí (RJ State)

Check, in general terms, the results of the Inside the Environment almanac Project:

· 34 municipal schools contemplated with the Project;
· 46 shows by Eduardo Andrade actor, the Dudu Clown, arousing 11,650 children to the issues included in the publication;
· 40 hours of the “PET Puppets Workshop” course for 20 teachers of the Itaguaí Municipal network (RJ State);
· 8 thousand seedlings of native species of the region, donated by the Horticultural Nursery of Fábrica Carioca de Catalisadores S.A. and delivered to the schools;
· 55 evaluations of sensibilization events with very positive results;
· Activities, such as games, debates, searches, lectures, ecological tours, among others, run in parallel with the project proposed by the Itaguaí (RJ State) public teaching network.

This motivating scenario was only possible thanks to the feeling, by all the partners involved in the Inside the Environment almanac Project that the State and private initiative can – and should – support common interests actions, interacting in favor of the increasing and better living standards of the populations.

Fábrica Carioca de Catalisadores S.A. is indebted to Itaguaí Education and Culture Secreatariat which believed in the Inside the Environment almanac Project, showing extreme receptivity to its implementation, as well as clearness and knowledge in the common mensuration of its results. In this way, it was possible to stimulate teachers and students to adopt and multiply the contents of the almanac.

At the same time, the company is indebted to ELS2 Communication, a company that excelled in the working of the publication, collecting names such as that of Professor Augusto Piratelli and designer Guto Lins for the project development. Special thanks of Fábrica Carioca de Catalisadores S.A. are directed to Eduardo Andrade, actor, who, through very creative and innovative shows by Dudu Clown has used the ludic and didactic to involve and motivate thousands of children to the environmental preservation issue.  

Throughout the following years, Fábrica Carioca de Catalisadores S.A. is going to work tuned up with the best Business Sustainability practice, providing along the following years further seeds of a positive change towards Sustainable Development. 

In order to know more about the Inside the Environment almanac Project and/or to know other social environmental initiatives of the company, click on the Social Environmental Responsibility link, available in this homepage. Alternatively, you can also access the Contact Us link to settle specific doubts on this issue.

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