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Learn about ProFIT: the new FCC S.A. Program of Technological Innovation


In search of excellence in the development and launching of new products, FCC S.A. created ProFIT – FCC S.A. Program of Technological Innovation - in partnership with Cenpes. This program is based on the Stage-GateTM, a methodology worldly known by its excellence in the Innovation Management Process.
The generation of quality information in the stages of the management process enables assured decisions to be taken in the gates. To obtain this data, it's necessary the involvement in several areas of FCC S.A., such as Operation, Management, Laboratory, Process, Project, Logistics, Sales, Development of Products and Marketing.

ProFIT shall not replace the existing processes as the use of the methodology of the Project Management Institute (PMI ) in the projects area, otherwise, it integrates and complements them, in a way to reach its major aim: speed up launching of new and promissory products and improves the competitive advantage of FCC S.A. in the market.

In the month of June, FCC SA has officially launched ProFIT for its staff. At that time, we had a presentation of a Success Case of Petroflex, carried out by Mr. Paulo Coutinho - PIP - Petroflex Innovation Program, besides a lecture carried out by the implantation group of the project.

To learn more on the new Program of Technological Innovation, click on the adbanner of ProFIT on the main page.

Fábrica Carioca de Catalisadores S.A. is an international technology company that produces and provides solutions in catalysts and additives for the oil refinning industry.

As a joint venture, FCC S.A. joins the tradition and know-how of two world giants of the oil and petrochemical areas – Petrobras and Albemarle Corporation.

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