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ProFIT: innovation management base don successful methodology


System used by several companies is synonym to quality

Excellence and innovation are part of the day-to-day of Fábrica Carioca de Catalisadores. The search for cutting edge technologies and processes that make the difference in the quality of the final product guides the work developed by the company’s staffs, always alert to the movements of the market. An example of this is the implementation of Program FCC S.A. of Technological Innovation (ProFIT). Launched in June of, ProFIT has been adopted in bidding projects, catalyses reformulations and in the development of new technological platforms.

Prepared in partnership with the Research Center of Petrobras (Cenpes), the methodology of the Program is based on Stage-GateTM, a Management System of the Innovation that aims at accelerating the launching of new products, technologies and services, considering all the particularities of the process. This same methodology is used successfully by several national and international companies, among tem Braskem – leader in the Latin American market of thermoplastic resins, client and partner of FCC S.A. -, which uses the system since 2003.

In accordance with Carlos Eduardo Calmanovici, manager of Innovation & Technology – Vinylics of Braskem, the use of the system emerged from the need to structure the prioritization process of the innovation projects. As a result of the limitation in resources, a reality ever more present at the companies, there was a strong need to select the ideas the potential projects in a clear and objective way. “The gains were significant. Today, it is possible to act in Research and Development (R&D) and Innovation with a lot of discipline and without losing the people’s creativity. This may be the highest challenge of a system of this type: allow that the creativity be developed in an organized environment and in a structured way”, asserts Calmanovici. “This objective was fully reached by Braskem and can be confirmed in the evolution of the pipe-line (“funnel” of the innovation projects) of the company”, he adds.

Also according to the manager, the system made decisions relative to the projects be made as of the involvement of all the direct areas or indirectly related to the same. “This allows a better flow of information inside the company makes the decisions made legitimate and provides more speed in the advance and implementation of the projects. Thus, we improve more and more the services provided to our clients”, he concludes.

Like Braskem, other companies, at world level, make use of this tool that has been proving to be a guarantee of good results and a synonym to successful cases in the Management of Innovation. FCC S.A., when it based itself on the Stage-GateTM for the implementation of the ProFIT, confirms its strategic vision and adequacy to the most recent tendencies of the market, a fundamental part of its constant search for the technological innovation in the development of products and services and premises for excellence in the delivery of differentiated solutions.

Fábrica Carioca de Catalisadores S.A. is an international technology company that produces and provides solutions in catalysts and additives for the oil refinning industry.

As a joint venture, FCC S.A. joins the tradition and know-how of two world giants of the oil and petrochemical areas – Petrobras and Albemarle Corporation.

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