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Results evidence excellent product’s performance with the customer


Coral 652 ESM in Refinery of Esmeraldas

On a recent evaluation from the State Refinery of Esmeraldas (Petroleum industry),  FCC S.A. has once more obtained a remarkable position in the item customized solutions for the clients, technology and innovation. During the month of April, the UFCC of Esmeraldas has confirmed in a report about the final exam (100% of inventory change) for the product Coral 652 ESM, the distinguished performance of this catalyst relating to conversion, gasoline performance, GLP and octane degree. It must be noted the repositioning below that guaranteed and the quantity of contaminant metal in e-cat, during the period of the test, of 5900 ppmw of (Ni+V), which amount is much higher than the basic case of 1300 ppmw (Ni+V)

From this analysis, it was evidenced that the catalytic system utilized by the Refinery of Esmeraldas, CORAL 652 ESM, has been perfectly designed for the client’s operational conditions, once more reinforcing the quality of products and services offered by FCC S.A. According to the evaluation of the Refinery of Esmeraldas, the catalyst Coral 652 ESM has complied with all the objectives agreed upon the Agreement’s Technical Guarantees provided by FCC S.A., and significantly exceeding the results expected with a competitor’s product (basic case):

· The conversion has increased  3,24% weight
· The GLP performance (C3’s + C4’s) was higher in +1.26%Weight
· The gasoline performance (C5-90%Vol @ 193.3oC) was higher in +2.31%Vol
· The gasoline’s octane number RONC was superior in +0.8 points
· The addition of fresh catalyst Coral 652 ESM was less than the agreed amount, 0.42Kg/m3 .

Upon that expressive performance, the family of Coral catalysts may allow excellent global conversion in the unit, without losing the selectivity to products of greater added value, maximizing GLP and naphtha performance with excellent funds conversion. In order to know more details about the product, visit our home page and click the link catalysts.

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As a joint venture, FCC S.A. joins the tradition and know-how of two world giants of the oil and petrochemical areas – Petrobras and Albemarle Corporation.

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