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6th South American Meeting on Catalytic Cracking


Fábrica Carioca de Catalisadores S.A. will promote the 6th edition of the South American Catalytic Cracking from September 19th to September 22nd.


        This year the event, which will take place in Gramado – State of Rio Grande do Sul, will be attended by lecturers from Europe, United States and India.


In the very opening, on September 19th, there will be a talk called “Refining and Managerial Perspective” by Mr. Jeffrey Keith Utley, Vice-President of Flying J Inc. and a member of the Air Quality Council of the State of Utah – United States.


The meeting will discuss themes divided into five blocks, as we can see in the schedule below:


  1. Overview:

·      FCC: The Future of a process in constant evolution (Paul O’Connor - Albemarle Catalysts – Holland)

·      Catalytic Solutions for Border Applications in the FCC Process (Marcelo Torem – Fábrica Carioca de Catalisadores S.A.)

·      GTL: The Way to Future Refining (Eduardo Falabella – Petrobras)

·      A full approach to the oil industry through the conversion of heavy currents, hydrogen production, sequestration of CO2 and its use in the tertiary recovery of petroleum (Ricardo Pimenta – Petrobras)

·      Improvements in the Petrochemical FCC (Andréa Pinho – Petrobras)


  1. Maximization of Medium Distillates on UFCCs:

·      Maximization of Medium Distillates at the FCC Unit (D. Bhattacharyya - Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Research & Development Centre)

·      A modern approach to the Maximization of Performance and Quality of LCO (George Blair - Eurotek Refining Services Ltd.)

·      Improvements with MFCC 1: test REGAP 2 (Claudia Alvarenga – Petrobras)

·      CORAL: The Smart Catalyst (FCC S.A. / ECOPETROL)

·      Experience of ANCAP in the maximization of LCO at the Cracking Unit (Mariela Fresia – ANCAP)


  1. Optimization and Troubleshooting:

·      Valorizing Microsoft Excel to Optimize the UFCC Operation (George Blair - Eurotek Refining Services Ltd. - England)

·      Determining the Optimal Reposition of Catalyst at RPBC (Wilson Ogino – Petrobras)

·      Understanding and Solving Problems of Fluidization at FCC Units (Ted M. Knowlton Particulate Solid Research Inc. – United States)


  1. Studies on R&D and Business Experiences on the Catalytic Cracking Area:

·      Promoter of Olefins: its optimal incorporation in benefit of the product basket of both Catalytic Cracking Units in the Industrial Complex of La Plata (Cecilia Monetti - REPSOL – YPF, CTA)

·      Industrial Result of ZOOM: Last Generation of Additives for Maximization of Light Olefins (Mario Porto – Petrobras)

·      New Additives for the increase of Olefins (Marlon Almeida – Petrobras)

·      Development and Evaluation of Combustion Promoters at RECAP (Edisson Morgado – Petrobras)

·      Results of InoVa Additive at Petrobras (João Eduardo C. Karam – Petrobras)

·      Increase of Capacity at FCC Unit of Bahía Blanca with low investment (Juan Manuel Vargas - Petrobras Energía – Bahía Blanca)

·      Start-Up of Third-Stage Cyclone. Management of Emissions from the Regenerator Stack (José Dario P. Guzmán - REPSOL YPF – La Plata)

·      Result from the Use of Catalyst at REVAP (Solange Lemos – Petrobras)

·      Catalytic System to RFCC: Industrial Performance (Guintar Luciano Baugis – Petrobras)

·      Repair of debutanizer reboiler with the operating Gases Concentration Unit (Daniel Vilela - REPSOL YPF – Ref. La Pampilla)

·      Use  Oxygen Processing at FCC Units (Raul Rawet – Petrobras)

·      FCC REGAP: An example of revamp Petrobras (Emanuel Freire Sandes - Petrobras)

·      Study on the Deactivation Standard of FCC Catalysts pursuant to deep characterization of e-Cat (Luis Oswaldo Almanza R. – ECOPETROL/ICP)


  1. Environment:

·      Atmospheric Emissions of UFCCs - impacts, regulations and trends in the Brazilian and South American markets (Glenda Rangel Rodrigues Stelling – Petrobras)

·      Clean Fuels and Challenges to Air Quality: Solutions adapted by North American Refineries. (Rodrigo C. Pinto - Albemarle Catalysts – USA)

·      Additives for Reduction of SOx and the Reduction of Sulfur in Gasoline (Rodolfo Roncolatto – Petrobras)


Besides the meeting, FCC S.A. will promote a visit, on September 23rd, to Alberto Pasqualini Refinery - REFAP S.A., where the newest Waste Cracking Unit of Brazil is located, with project technology by PETROBRAS.


For further information or to make your enrollment, please contact Katia Cosendey Souto through phone (21) 2195-9037, cellular (21) 8208-5434 or E-mail katiasouto@fccsa.com.br.

Fábrica Carioca de Catalisadores S.A. is an international technology company that produces and provides solutions in catalysts and additives for the oil refinning industry.

As a joint venture, FCC S.A. joins the tradition and know-how of two world giants of the oil and petrochemical areas – Petrobras and Albemarle Corporation.

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