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The FCC S.A. Way of Being is our selection of values and is present in the day-to-day of the workforce, gathering ethical principles that guide the company in the carrying out its ideals.  It is live, dynamic; is in permanent evolution and was built democratically, with the participation and contribution of all areas of the company. The FCC S.A. Way of Being must appear in day-to-day relationships, in all activities that we perform and in how we conduct our lives.

Our 9 fundamental values

1. Our Way of Being Responsible for the Common Good

“We are entirely responsible for our quality of life and for the effect exerted on others, whether by our example or indirect influence.”

For us, to seek the common good is to defend life with quality and safety in all our actions. It is to have initiative to develop actions that ensure the integrity and safety of the workforce, of assets and natural resources, as well as to correct errors and eliminate risk factors, acting in favor of individual and collective safety, of preserving the work atmosphere and reaching targets, so as to avoid accidents, delays and losses.

2. Our Way of Being Responsible for the Whole

“We are not responsible only for what we do, but also for all that we do not do.”

Responsibility for the whole is to be connected, involved, committed and active with the biggest team that constitutes FCC S.A. It is to have shared responsibility for the way in which everybody assumes commitments in resolving problems. It means to worry about the influence of the actions of your area in other company areas. To be responsible for the whole is to preserve the work environment, optimizing resources to the utmost; assessing the cost/benefit relationship; verifying the impacts of actions to be taken in the business, persons and the environment.

3. Our Way of Being Committed

"Assumed commitment, result guaranteed!“

Commitment means personal endeavor in complying with the obligations assumed and in seeking solutions to the problems that appear on our day-to--day. When we are committed to what we do, we are ready to go a little beyond strict compliance with our routines, completing our tasks within the deadlines and standards established for productivity, safety and quality, even in very difficult situations and in not so favorable conditions.

4. Our Way of Being Disciplined

"Self-disciplined persons control their actions.“

Discipline means obedience to the rule, getting things right and arrangements made. It also implies acceptance and observance of each of the rules, policies, routines and procedures that regulate the different aspects of our daily work. It requires discipline when each of use is attentive to our obligations, without it being necessary to be reminded, asked to provide accountability or controlled, and when the standardization of routines and processes is respected and followed within Quality, Safety and Productivity rules.

5. Our Way of Being to Produce Trust
"Trust is the basis of the ethics of our relationships.“

To act ethically is to always seek a fair balance between respect for the rights of persons and expectation in compliance with our duties as customers, shareholders, employees and members of the community. When we trust in someone, when we have faith in this person, we believe in what he/she says, even if he/she does not present all the evidence. On the contrary, when we don’t trust, it is very difficult to believe in anyone, i.e., to give them credit, even if this person provides all the evidence necessary.

6. Our Way of Being to Work in a Team

"Cooperation means synergy. Where everybody works together, everybody  achieves more.“

Our company is the result of a collective effort made by all of us, who work daily as collaborators. We work based on integration and mutual collaboration, which makes the work develop in a healthy atmosphere, propitious to growth and personal accomplishment of each member of the team. Through integrated participation with each of our colleagues and sectors of work – new internal customers –, we expand and strengthen our links of companionship, forming a strong and cohesive team, which has always been capable of winning day-to-day challenges.

7. Our Way of Being to Make Things Happen

"To transform ideas into solutions and profitable realities within the company.“

We make things happen when we discover ways of overcoming bureaucratic barriers and the limitations of resources, assuming responsibilities and calculating risks to implement ideas and solutions aligned with the company’s strategies. To overcome challenges is the fuel of our actions and our main challenge is to transform planning into action, so that our dreams become a reality. To make things happen is to put into practice ideas and decisions that produce improvements and give us wellbeing.

8. Our Way of Being to Innovate

"The impossible is the unthinkable. If you thought about it, you can achieve it.“

Innovation implies dynamism, “to think out of the box", creativity, flexibility, freedom of expression, a challenging environment and multidisciplinarity. Innovation is the basic condition for survival of the business in today’s ncreasingly competitive market. Whether through continuous improvement in use processes and methods, whether by incorporating new technological advances, it is only through innovation that the company can guarantee competitive benefits to its customers.

9. Our Way of Being to Reach Excellence

"There is always a way to do better.“

No matter how much we advance, there will always be a way to meet the demands of our internal and external clients more simply, more cheaply and more pleasurably, with less stress and with results that are much more adequate to your real needs. Excellence is the capacity to make things happen with more quality, safety and productivity each time that we being a project. The search for excellence never ends!

Fábrica Carioca de Catalisadores S.A. is an international technology company that produces and provides solutions in catalysts and additives for the oil refinning industry.

As a joint venture, FCC S.A. joins the tradition and know-how of two world giants of the oil and petrochemical areas – Petrobras and Albemarle Corporation.

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