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New Management at the head of Fábrica Carioca de Catalisadores S.A.


On October 10, 2008, Edson Kleiber de Castilho was installed as the new CEO of Fábrica Carioca de Catalisadores S.A.

With a background in Mechanical and Safety Engineering and MBA in Management, Kleiber works with Petrobras since 1976 and has been general manager of Vale do Paraíba (REVAP – São Paulo) and Duque de Caxias (REDUC – Rio de Janeiro) refineries. Until his transfer to Fábrica Carioca de Catalisadores S.A., he was the Equipment and Services General Manager at the Supply and Refining area of Petrobras.

The new CEO intends to continue the well-succeeded management activities set forth by his predecessor, Pietro Carlos Monaco, by priorizing the relationship management with the market and directing efforts towards People Management, Industrial Safety and Environment, besides the emphasis on investments which lead to diversification of those products provided by Fábrica Carioca de Catalisadores S.A.

Fábrica Carioca de Catalisadores S.A. is an international technology company that produces and provides solutions in catalysts and additives for the oil refinning industry.

As a joint venture, FCC S.A. joins the tradition and know-how of two world giants of the oil and petrochemical areas – Petrobras and Albemarle Corporation.

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